My Artistic Process

Here are a few videos that illustrate my artistic process and give a glimpse into my Knoxville, Tennessee studio.

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My Artistic Process

My Interview with East Tennessee PBS

This television interview gives a peek into my studio and explores my painting philosophy.

My Process: Landscape Painting

With so much green in the summer Tennessee landscape, it's fun to start off with a radically different color on the canvas, and build from there. This is Tennessee Rush, inspired by a waterfall that I hiked to in northeast Tennessee.

My Process: Rework of a Cityscape Painting

Paintings don't always turn out like I want. In those instances, I can sometimes rework them. I'm actually really pleased with how this new painting, Study, Sunny Days, (12 x 12 inch oil on panel) turned out. I deliberately chose to rework what was formerly a dark, nighttime subject with this bright, daytime motif instead. The layered color results are fun and interesting, creating some unexpected and pleasant surprises.